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The city of Brasov doesn’t have a local airport. The closest airport is at
Sibiu (SBZ) – 137 km West of Brasov –

Targu Mures (TGM) – 169 km North of Brasov –

Bucuresti (OTP) – 160 km South of Brasov –



Brasov Train Station
Address: Blvd. Garii no.5
Phone no.: 952 sau (268) 410.233
The train station is 3 km away from the city center. To get to the city center, take the no. 4 bus and get of at the last stop (Livada Postei).
There are 3 international trains to/from Budapest. One goes to Viena via budapest and the other to Bratislava and Prague. For other cities of Western Europe, change trains at Budapest.

There are daily trains to/from Bucharest via Brasov to Arad, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Sighisoara and other cities of Romania. There is also a night train to Suceava.

There is a daily INTERCITY (Express) train connecting Brasov to Bucharest (estimated travel time: 2 hours).

Check the latest train timetable on intern routes in the official website of the Romanian Railways: The website provides full info on the timetables and ticket prices.

Note: For departures to/from Bucharest, please select the station Bucuresti Nord.

Booking Desk SNCFR (SNCFR Brasov Travel Agency)
Address: Str. 15 Noiembrie nr.43
Phone no.: (268) 477.018 or 470.696
You can get information on train schedules and make reservations up to 24 hours before departure. Same day travel tickets can be purchased only at the station.

ICO_0018_transport_autobuzBY BUS


Brasov Bus Station – international and domestic transportation services by coach
Bus Station 1 Brasov
Address: Blvd. Garii no. 5 (next to the train station)
Phone no.: (268) 427.267
Bus Station 2 Brasov
Address: Avram Iancu Street no. 114
Phone no.: (268) 426.332
Bus Station 3 Brasov
Address: Harmanului Street no. 47A
Phone no.: (268) 332.002

ICO_0016_transport_autoturismBY CAR

The recommended route from Bucharest to Brasov is E60:
Bucuresti – Ploiesti – Sinaia – Predeal – Brasov – Poiana Brasov

The recommended route from Budapest to Brasov is E75 – E68:
Budapesta – Szeged – Nadlac – Arad – Deva – Alba Iulia – Sibiu – Fagaras – Brasov – Poiana Brasov

ICO_0011_transport_publicPUBLIC TRANSPORT

autobuzSeveral bus and trolley routes connect the main areas and tourist attractions in Brasov.

No. 51 Minibus [Brasov Train Station – City Center – Pe Tocile]
The minibus connects the train station to the city center and the historical district of Schei.

To get from the Train Station to the Center City:
No. 4 Bus [Brasov Train Station – Livada Postei]
The bus connects the train station to the bus terminal with departures to Poiana Brasov and is close to the city center.

To get from the city center to Poiana Brasov:
No. 20 Bus [Livada Postei – Poiana Brasov]
The bus connects the city center to the beautiful resort of Poiana Brasov.

Brasov public transportation prices
There are tickets with one or two rides. The price is 2 lei / ride, 4 lei/ticket. Once you get on the bus, make sure to validate your ticket.
You can also get tickets good for one day. They cost 8 lei and with them you can ride any busses, except the no. 20 bus!
One way ticket to Poiana Brasov on the No. 20 bus is 5 lei.
Tickets can be bought from the RATB kiosks.



Taxis in Brasov are cheap, clean, modern, comfortable and reliable. Average prices (normal rates) are: Maximum price / km / day = 2.2 lei for price maximum / km / night = 3.3 lei taxi – Price 1 hour waiting 15 lei maximum. Always ask the taxi driver to start the meter and to issue tax receipts.

Areas such as Stupini, Bartholomeu, Noua and Poiana Brasov are considered part of city. Taxi drivers are not allowed to refuse rides to those areas or to charge different prices, other than mentioned above.

Contact Taxi Companies Brasov / Taxi Stations Brasov / Poiana Brasov Taxi Station (near the bus station)